26" Bronze Marble Statue Indian Native Chief Eagle Bust Sculpture Figure26" Bronze Marble Statue Indian Native Chief Eagle Bust Sculpture Figure

Art work # 26YRD17340 Size: 26″x25″ Inches

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Condition: This Sculpture Is In A Very Good Condition. Bronze Dimensions With Marble Base:Height 26″ X Width 25″ Marble Dimensions: 7″ X 7″ . Height Without Base: 22″ Weight : 32 Lbs Inventory:44Y1739544

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The Native American Shaman Or Medicine Man Stands Looking At Something Lost In The Faraway Horizon Bracing His Head Against An Eagle That Soars With Open Wings The Eagle Is A Sacred Messenger Carrying Our Prayers On Its Wings To The Creator And Returning With Gifts And Visions For The People Eagle Feathers Assist Shamans In Connecting With The Spirit For Healing They Are Deemed The Most Sacred Healing Tools A Symbol Of Power Healing And Wisdom The Bronze Sculpture Was Molded Using The Ancient Method Of LostWax Casting And Finished With A Brown Patina Tarnish The Sculpture Is Mounted Upon A Black Variegated Marble Base With The Artist MiloS Signature The Artist Milo Lived Most Of His Childhood In Andalusia Spain Influenced By An Artistic Family Background He Began Sculpting At The Age Of Seventeen After Apprenticing With Several Accomplished Sculptors Both In America And Spain He Began His Own Work Focusing Equally On Steel And Bronze

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Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 63 × 65 cm